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What Is Endpoint Antivirus? Key Features & Solutions Explained

What is an Endpoint Antivirus?

An endpoint antivirus is a piece of software that monitors and protects the computer systems and devices that are connected to the Internet.

Endpoint antivirus is a software that protects computers from viruses, malware and other cyber threats.

How does Endpoint Antivirus work?

Endpoint antivirus is a security solution which is deployed in the endpoint devices such as PCs, laptops, smart phones etc. It is also known as host-based protection. It is a security technology that can protect the endpoints from malicious software.

The main job of the endpoint antivirus is to scan the files, emails, and network activity for potential threats and then remove them. The endpoint antivirus is a must have solution to protect your business from harmful threats. A new type of attack is coming every day, with different techniques and methods to harm your business. It is very necessary for every business to have endpoint protection software.

Endpoint antivirus ensures security for your endpoints, which are the most vulnerable victims of malicious attacks. The endpoint antivirus can block, quarantine, or even remove the threats from your network. The endpoint antivirus works similar to the antivirus software which is installed on your computer to protect it from the malicious attacks. The endpoint antivirus will scan the data that is being sent to or received from the remote machine, and will act accordingly to the result of the scanning.

What Does Endpoint Antivirus Software Do?

Endpoint antivirus software helps users to avoid malware attacks by detecting and removing threats. It is a crucial part of modern day cybersecurity. Antivirus software’s job is to remove any type of malware and other threats.

These types of programs attempt to stop viruses, trojans, worms, Spyware and more. Antivirus software provides protection against this sort of threat. Another big benefit is that antivirus programs do not slow down the system as they scan files and folders on your computer. While virus scanners are not a replacement for a good antivirus program, it is a good idea to have them installed on your computer.

At a high level, endpoint antivirus solutions help you:

  • Keep data safe from viruses: Avoid the chance of a security breach causing major business disruption by detecting and removing threats.
  • Stay one step ahead: Leverage a comprehensive set of virus signatures that automatically stays current with the latest virus definitions and enhancements to keep your organization safe.
  • Detect emerging issues: Go one step beyond using virus signatures to detect new viruses before they make the news.

Endpoint Antivirus Benefits !

Endpoint Antivirus is a software that runs on a computer and protects the computer from malware attacks. Endpoint Antivirus software is installed on a computer and protects it from malicious software that tries to be installed on the computer.

Today, malware attacks are the most common threat to PC security and safety. Malware can be installed by a user, or downloaded through a website, or through an email, or can enter a computer even when it’s not connected to the internet. A lot of viruses and malware are designed to steal private information or to damage the computer’s hardware.

A lot of people are using antivirus software to protect their computers from viruses, worms and other malware. But the problem is that not all antivirus programs are created equal. Some of them fail to detect most threats and others even block some legitimate files. In order to ensure that you are protected from viruses, you need a reliable antivirus program with the right features for your computer.

  • Real-time, End-to-end Visibility: Real-time reporting is a key part of the digital transformation scenario. Companies must shift to a more agile, real-time strategy.
  • Improved Threat Detection and Resolution : Intelligence agencies have been using deep learning for decades to automate their detection, analysis and response to cyber threats. But the effectiveness of these algorithms is limited by their inherent biases.
  • Real-time, End-to-end Visibility: This threat intelligence data can be leveraged by threat hunters to respond to and mitigate security threats.
  • Improved Threat Detection and Resolution.

What are the Key features of Endpoint Antivirus Solutions

Endpoint Antivirus Solutions is a software suite for managing and protecting endpoint devices. It is designed to protect your network from viruses, spyware and other threats that may be present on your network.

Most endpoint antivirus solutions include the following capabilities:

  • The ability to identify the type of malware attacking the endpoint.
  • The ability to run scans both at scheduled intervals and manually.
  • Internet safety features, including warning you when you’re about to visit a site that appears malicious and blocking automatic and malicious downloads.
  • Updates automatically to ensure that the endpoint is protected against the newest threats
  • The ability to identify the type of malware attacking the endpoint.

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